Follow Up

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I’m back and here to kind of follow up on my first post. I feel like this blog is going to do that a lot – follow up on previous posts because I always think of more things to say when I’m done talking about anything and everything.

I should really name this ‘About Me’ but that’s more basic than ‘Follow Up’ and I’ve already commited so let’s get started:

I am 18 years old. I can’t remeber if I told you my age in my first post or not? I might have said that I’m 19. I keep on saying that accidentally. It’s my birthday soon so that’s probably why. I’m 18 and I’m a girl.

Is it weird that that’s all I want to say about myself? That’s all I want you to know about me. I really thought that I would have more to write but that’s it. I can tell you my favourite TV Shows and food if you like? Maybe I should make this like one of those zodiac personality trait pages! That is honestly such a good idea. Actually no it’s not. I’ll just end up copying my traits from the site. I’ll just attach below.

Introducing DieDie

Most of that ^^^  is correct, expect from the part where it says that I like gardening. Hell no. I have hayfever. Plus I’m super lazy. I’ll make a post about crippling laziness soon.

Hi – My First Post

Hi. I’m not really sure how I’m meant to actually write this, but the two youtube videos I watched told me to write as if I’m talking to a friend (side note: BLOGGER YOUTUBERS ARE SO BORING OMG?! I literally had to put both of those videos on x2 speed just to get through it. Why do they talk so slow?) So, hi friend? Friend that I’ve never met before, friend that I’m not even sure will ever read this or will continue reading this after this awkwardness.

I’m not going to tell you my real name because I have this weird fear that someone I know irl will search my name and find this. HOW EMBARRASSING (does this thing have spell check because I’m really bad at spelling…and is it weird if I use emojis? How do I use emojis on my macbook? Why am I typing out all my thoughts like this…YOUTUBERS AM I BLOGGING CORRECTLY?)! It actually really gets on my nerves that this is one of my fears. People I know irl reading this. One thing that you should know about me is that I’m a coward. I know it must seem really terrible and self-loathing to think such a thing about myself but it’s true. I’m scared. I’m scared to tell my friends what my dreams and goals are. I don’t express myself as much as I should. I’m scared to show and relate my true feelings. It sucks being scared. But don’t get me wrong, my friends don’t know this. They can’t see past the facade…hopefully? I like to portray myself as some kind of badass in person. Well, not really a badass? I’m kinda shy, but then I’m kind of not. I’m really friendly? I really don’t know how to describe my own personality this is making my brain uncomfortable.

Anyway, back to my ‘name’. You can call me DieDie. That sounds really weird, I know it does. It’s a nickname that one of my friends gave me. I’m not murderous or anything. That’s just what you have to call me, maybe one day I’ll tell you what my real name is. Call me whatever. I’m going to call myself DieDie.

On this blog, I plan to tell you all the things that go through my mind. All the things that I don’t tell my irl friends because I’m afraid of the judgement of others. All the things that keep me up at night, onset my depression and make me the horrible person I am. I also want to tell you the person I aspire to be. My hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals.

That’s it I guess. My first blog post done. Is this too short? Am I paragraphing correctly? Am I using too many rhetorical questions? And does this website have a comment section because I would really love that.